France 🇫🇷

Upon landing, the pilot announced « on a pris trop d’avance sur notre retard » which translates more or less to “we arrived too far ahead of our scheduled delayed arrival”. 🤦🏼‍♂️ When airport staff finally brought the catwalk to the plane, we needed to take a bus to cross the small street and walk 20 meters (see the pictures). Brice was waiting for me (mom’s cousin‘s son) and we drove back to his mom’s place for a wonderful reunion 😚

The following day, I met up with my cousin Prescilia and some of her colleagues for pizza for lunch. Italy ruined pizza for me 😅 I had a great time (quickly) catching up with Prescilia, and I got to discover some different parts of Paris thanks to their suggestions. I saw la Place des Vosges, which was gorgeous, walked around le Marais, ate some ice cream, saw Notre Dame under renovations, visited the musée de Cluny and chilled in le Jardin du Luxembourg. That evening, I was lucky to have dinner with Brice, Sylvie, Christophe, AND Claudine and Laurent, even though it was a Thursday night 😃 I’m really glad that I got the chance to see them.

The following day was a chill and sleep in day. Had lunch with Sylvie and Brice and chatted all day with Sylvie. That evening, Brice invited me to join him and his girlfriend at their friend’s birthday party. Good times, a sufficient amount of « ponche » (aka punch), candy and pleasant conversations were had. 👌

My last day in Paris was spent with Fabien, Luc (his father) and Vivien (his brother). His dad showed us the neighbourhood in the 13e called la Butte-aux-Cailles which is covered in graffiti 👌 When I told Fabien that I was leaving that night to visit the Netherlands (Rotterdam and Amsterdam), he was smiling from ear to ear 😁, so I invited him to join me, which he of course accepted. That evening, before our night bus, we went to a party so that he could see his old high school friends.