CH 🇨🇭

The plane ride in was a bit disappointing, in that it was so dark that I couldn’t see anything in the alps. Upon arriving in Geneva, I was so giddy to see Sandrine again at the airport that I was smiling like a buffoon 😁😅🙈

The following evening we went to a house party organized by some of Sandrine’s friends. I think there were close to 15 people that evening. We partied, I crashed around 1h30. Sandrine joined me in my slumber a few hours later, and we got up super late, then swam in lake Geneva that afternoon before heading back to Sandrine’s place.

September 2nd: Sandrine’s birthday 🥳 Unfortunately, almost everything fun was closed, so we spent the day chilling together, had some cake and I took her out to a restaurant that evening for a fancy romantic birthday dinner ❤️ we both tried mint watermelon soup for the first time… it’s actually quite good.

The following day, we walked around Genève, stumbled upon some of Sandrine’s friends from the party, and chillaxed at baby plage.

We spent one more day in Geneva, where we walked in a park along the Rhône and chilled by the water. Sandrine then had a gymnastics lesson, which I attended. I was very impressed when she walked on her hands for some odd twenty seconds or perform some awesome flips, and couldn’t help but chuckle a bit when she’d try something and it would be a flop. 🤩😅 We then drove to Lausanne to drop off some wooden planks at her brothers apartment before heading to Clarens where her parents just bought a flat with a view of lake Geneva and the mountains.

Next day was another chill day. We walked down to the waterfront all the way to Montreux, sat on some benches admiring the view until we both got too cold. I told Sandrine that some of the buildings reminded me a bit of French architecture (palaces or hotels). We then walked a bit further until my stomach acted up from changing diets so many times in a month. We walked back to the apartment and made some dinner, which included some danish sweet potatoes (boiled, then fried in butter and sugar glazing) and gravy.

The next morning, Sandrine’s big toe was badly swollen for some reason, and it hurt even when staying still. So I got us some breakfast, took her to the clinic, which couldn’t accept any new patients for the following couple of days, so they referred us to the hospital. Sandrine was not really in a condition to drive, but I was…… unfortunately her car was a manual and I had never driven manual before. I knew and understood the basics but I did a real crash test that day. She made sure I understood how to use the clutch, and I nervously drove us to the hospital about 2km away. For my first time driving shift, I managed to only stall 3 times 😅 I think the reason I stalled was stress being on the road with people behind me. In the end, we waited something like 4 hours for a scan of her foot, that indicated nothing. The doctor prescribed some pain killers, gave us the ugliest sandal to relieve some stress on the foot, and sent us on our way. I barely stalled on the way back 🙈 Progress !

The next day, I found myself behind the wheel again, driving a little over an hour to and back from Gruyères. We enjoy a delicious fondue again for a late lunch. Then drove a short while to a chocolate factory… the oldest I believe in Switzerland. We learned how to properly taste chocolate: look, smell, listen (to how it snaps in two), taste (while breathing a bit of air in through the mouth). It was fun, we ate our fill of chocolate 🙈😅. Dad, you’d be in heaven 😆

Next day was another chill day, as it wasn’t nice out. Sandrine worked and I watched Netflix 🙈 That evening, we drove to Montreux to get groceries because almost everything is closed on Sunday in Switzerland 😒 We saw Russian ball dancing in the market, where people could join in. We couldn’t because they wouldn’t allow crutches.

On the 9th, we went to Berne (the capital) which was very cute and surprisingly elevated on a rock that the river bends around. After Berne, we saw Neuchâtel, where Sandrine is doing her masters. It’s a cute little town, by a big lake, and if you’re lucky you can see the mountains in the distance. We walked around, Sandrine discovered a new place in the city; the castle tiles reminded me a bit of the auspices de Beaune. Sandrine showed me an alley that was full of murals, explaining what famous artists said about the city. And for dinner, galettes bretonnes 😍

The 10th was another work/Netflix day, we went for a stroll that evening by the lake, watched a beautiful sunset over the lake and then I watched the Apple September event 🙈. Somewhat disappointing this year, they aren’t as entertaining to watch as the years go by.

We went back to Geneva, where we spent two days together, before I headed off to Strasbourg to see Sophie.

A bientôt Sandrine 😘