France 🇫🇷

Well, this one is kind of cheating… I stopped in Germany for an hour and a half in Freiburg, to head to Strasbourg. Which is the only city I visited on this short trip to France.

In Freiburg, I arrived after trying my best and failing to sleep on the bus. I almost missed my stop since we arrived early again. Yay, even less sleep. I tried to find a place to sit until my next bus in an hour and a half. In the end I found the train station, sat down and tried staying busy. A black man from an anglophone country sat next to me and started chatting. He was drunk 😆 as most people are when they’re at the train station without bags at 6 in the morning. Some idiot drunk homeless guy then came up to me to ask for something in German, so I pulled out google translate, and he couldn’t figure out how to push the microphone button to tell me what he wanted. About 10 minutes later, this German guy comes and grabs the black guy by the throat out of nowhere and yells at him in German 😟. Supposedly to go fight him downstairs. The black guy just smiled and talked calmly, and what do you know, the cops show up 10 seconds later and pull the German guy away. Think they gave him a warning. Enough action for the day… I got on my bus after another half hour of waiting and made it to Strasbourg in one piece. Sophie met me at the bus station, and gave me her keys before biking off to work. I crashed at her place until 13h where I napped 😴. We ate, then Quentin, Sophie’s boyfriend arrived around 14h and he showed me around beautiful Strasbourg. We went in the cathedral, saw the view from the top, walked around the Petite France neighbourhood and came back home. We then met up with Quentins friend, and his girlfriend, and walked around, had a drink, and then dinner. I tried some galettes alsacienne which were essentially potato crepes.

The next day, we participated in a zombie walk after taking a boat tour of Strasbourg… for the zombie 🧟‍♂️ walk, refer to the pictures. It was really fun and a good way to see the city. Learned a few interesting facts during the boat tour. After the zombie walk, we went to a park, played volleyball and frisbee, then went home and ate some delicious crepes and played video games 🤩

On my last full day, Sophie brought me to a cool video game exhibition event. We played some arcade games (DK, pinball, and a target shooting game), and tried a VR movie. I wanted to test out the Star Wars interactive movie but someone was already testing it out, so I watched a documentary on the only surviving bonsai tree from the Hiroshima blast. It was interesting but the low resolution of the VR helmet hurt my eyes. I also walked for three hours that evening, revisiting some sites under a different light, and chilled on the Barrage Vauban.

I had planned on leaving the following morning so Sophie brought me to the bus station. Since I wasn’t sure if I’d make it there on time, I figured I’d buy the ticket there, except it tripled in price so I decided to wait for the next bus. I waited in the sun at the park, and walked back to the station. I somehow missed my bus, so I headed to the grocery store to buy some lunch, and snacks for the bus ride. And finally caught the bus at 13h, about 5 hours after the bus I initially wanted to take… oops

In the end, I really loved Strasbourg, it was really pretty, and walkable, and felt alive.

Merci Sophie de m’avoir accueilli chez toi 🤩😘