Magyarország 🇭🇺

Weird name, flag looks Italian. Turns out this is Hungary… I went to Budapest !

I arrived too late to make it to the boat party, but I met my roommates as they came home late, and drunk. One girl was a real pain in the ass as she was rude and ended up kicking me in the back because I happened to be in the bunk above hers and she had 5cm less of headroom. Great first impression. Then less than a minute after they turn off the lights, I hear heavy panting and two of my roommates going at it hard. Glad I had good earplugs 🤦‍♂️

The next morning, I went with the hostel to the the Fisherman’s Bastion, which has a nice view of Pesti from the Buda side. We then hiked to the top of the Citadella and took some photos. We ate some street food that evening; I had some overpriced gulyás (goulash). We then checked out the ruin bars, which were super cool, and went out clubbing in one. Amazing experience. One even had a map of the various floors and the activities per room. I tried seeing Parliament illuminated that night but missed it as they turn off the lights around 2h.

The next day, I walked around with an Ozzie and a Polish dude. Took some nice photos, visited Parliament and enjoyed a nice evening at the Széchenyi thermal baths temporarily under the rain. I was also able to take some pictures of parliament illuminated that evening.

I didn’t do all that much in Hungary. Unfortunately I was getting sick of Europe and Eastern Europe in particular. I also wanted to head to warmer countries so I booked a bus to Zagreb in Croatia…